Cultural concept

Realizes the enterprise and employees of two-way understanding.

Know the enterprise culture, help enterprise from the perspective of development, people-oriented.

People-oriented, is not completely take people as the core of enterprise management, more than some people as the core, but in practice, give full consideration to the role of the people, people and resources, and the role of the management style fusion.

In the enterprise, the strategy is carried out by the people, the process is by the person to work, is the production line by humans to operate.

In what perspective, what management measures, will affect the person's status and ability to work effectively, so as to influence the outcome of the future, influences the effect of enterprise management.

Together with their peers, innovation and win-win

Jin Hongfeng enterprise culture system construction in order to "together with their peers, innovation and win-win" core values, is to promote Jin Hongfeng enterprises in recent years, rapid development of advanced culture value enhancement,

But also strive to create a harmonious, positive, healthy and upward organization atmosphere, motivate team vitality, improve cooperation efficiency, need to strengthen the organizational centripetal force, cohesion, competitiveness.

To "lead the direction of mechanical industry, mechanical industry innovation development" as our mission, to "mechanical industry leader, the creator of the social value" as the vision.

Reflects the implement the scientific concept of development, committed to the harmonious enterprise, harmonious society construction of ideal and unremitting pursuit.

1. Enterprise tenet: customer first, the credibility to win, good quality and service quality.

2. Business philosophy: a. the basis of quality, image; The key of technology - off; Management - the eternal theme; The source of innovation, development.

B. rely on staff management enterprises, rely on science and technology to improve the quality, quality win the market, rely on innovation for development.

3. Enterprise style: a. pragmatic, efficient, civilized and struggle. B. quality, pragmatic, hard-working, efficient.

4. Enterprise spirit: a. love factory, dedication, pioneering and enterprising. B. dedicated, conscientious, striving, innovation. C. work, struggle, exploration, innovation

5. Action slogan: strives for the survival by the action, seek development by innovation.